Philadelphia, A Home to Friends Who Care

Philadelphia is a city for people who are looking to make a positive impact on the world. It’s full of compassionate people, many of whom are working to create change in their community right now.

The city of brotherly love has been my home for a few years now and although it is not a perfect city, there is so much here to offer. The people that I have met and the experiences that I have had here have been life-changing. We’ve got more than just a darn good cheesesteak. Philadelphia has a big heart and it always tries its best to give back to those who need it most. Folks never hesitate to show up, knock on doors, get the word out and get active in the community. Prior to coming into the city, I had no idea that strangers are willing to stand up and together fight for a better world for everyone. first thing you notice when you walk through the city is how bright and beautiful it is. Whether you are in Center City or North Philly, there are so many different neighborhoods with their own unique charm. And they are all diverse and with open arms.

It’s also one of the most historic cities in America.

Philadelphia has always been a city of friends. Neighbors are quick to lend a hand, strangers will chat you up on the subway, and people wave to each other across the streets. We call it “The Philly Way.” The Philly community. Neighbors are quick to lend a hand, look out for you, or even bring you over a plate. Everything about Philadelphia feels communal because it is. I love the small-town feel that it has.

One of my favorite places to go on the weekend has to be Frankford Hall in the northern liberties section of the city. Their oversized pretzels are everything! One of my most favorite things to do every year would be the large March on Dr. Martin Luther King day every year. There are literally thousands of us coming together from across the city to stand for justice and equality. It’s beautiful.

Things have been changing. The feel of the city has never been as important as it is now after the recent spouts of gentrification that has been moving throughout the city. I’m pretty sure that at some point soon I won’t even be able to afford to live here anymore. That makes me really sad and once more because there are families that have lived in this city for generations and I fear that they will meet the same fate. I fear that over time the authenticity of the city will begin to fade.

For all of this, I have no answers.

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